Past Awards

The UXUK Awards 2017

Winner of Best User Experience:

The Best User Experience Award is the one to win. Presented to the very best of the best, this award honours the most inspiring and user-focused site, app or service.

We’re proud to announce that the 2017 winner is The Beano. It’s a very difficult task to move from an archaic (yet established) medium such as print to the digital space and provide a truly new experience for users. The judges also applauded their emphasis on content; they didn’t just reskin the existing, they reimagined and created. They also managed to successfully test the app with children – no easy feat in itself!

The UXUK Awards 2016

Winner of Best User Experience:

SH:24, an online sexual health service, has brought STI testing into the 21st century. It is providing a vital and innovative service for south Londoners. People can use their mobile phone to order a free self testing kit to use at home, post it off and get results by text message. Self service is vastly more convenient and efficient: people no longer have to take time off work and queue up at a clinic – and clinicians are freed up to spend time on complex cases. SH:24 produced a minimum viable product to get early feedback from the public and clinicians. The service has now had tens of thousands of satisfied users.

SH:24 has received an array of positive feedback:

  • “You cannot improve this service – you’ve done everything right to make it as easy as possible.”
  • “Life is really busy in London, and it’s difficult to find the time for a checkup every now and then. The kit was so easy to use…”

The UXUK Awards 2015

Winner of Best User Experience:
Future Learn

This is pure education. Scalable and easy to add more content. A lot of Lean UX. They gave a strong and succinct case study and with some great results. Over 200 courses have been run, 440,000 learners on one of the single runs. 90% positive post-course feedback. Pleasure to use and elegant. Atomic design decision and a great job of understanding the audience. Interesting start up model with a lot of guerrilla research.

This was born digital and includes social from the outset and have built a community around the course.

The UXUK Awards 2014

Winner of Best User Experience:
BBC – Summer of Sport

The UXUK Awards 2013

Winner of Best User Experience:
Transport for London