Judge’s Q&A 2017: Dave Slocombe

Judge’s Q&A 2017: Dave Slocombe

Judge: Dave Slocombe
Role: Product Owner Mobile Apps The Train Line

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
Waze app. Their data science driven UI that solves problems for travellers that had never been solved before is genius. MY favourite feature is the ‘leave later’ button, which shows you if your journey may be shorter if you leave later. Read More “Judge’s Q&A 2017: Dave Slocombe”

Judge’s Q&A 2017: Paul Cooper

Judge: Paul Cooper
Role: UX Lead Vitality Insurance

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
I love productivity apps and websites such as Dropbox and Trello – anything that makes my life easier. But my favourite is Marvel – it enables me to build awesome prototypes that help test ideas with our users really quickly.

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Judge’s Q&A 2017: Ed Easton

Judge: Ed Easton
Role: Head of Digital Design and UX Sony PlayStation

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
Uber & I love it for many reasons – how they’ve reinvented an industry, how simple and quick the app is to use, the availability/promptness of the cars in around London, the cleanliness of the vehicles, no stopping at the cash point and a good chat with the driver. I used them in San Francisco recently, and it was the same experience. I’d be sad to lose the beautiful design of the London Black Cab but they really need to rethink what they’re doing. Read More “Judge’s Q&A 2017: Ed Easton”

Judge’s Q&A 2017: Jesse Williams

Judge: Jesse Williams
Role: Interaction Designer at Google

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
Asos have a super smart app. The discover flow is really nicely done, and makes sorting through their sizable catalogue really easy. It does of course mean, it’s a lot easier to spend lots of money. Read More “Judge’s Q&A 2017: Jesse Williams”

Judge’s Q&A 2017: Harry Brignull

Judge: Harry Brignull
Role: UX Consultant Spotify

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
It’s kind of nerdy but I’m really into airtable at the moment. It’s an elegantly simple relational database creation tool. These sorts of things used to be quite horrific to set up, which is why so many businesses use spreadsheets for things they were never intended for – like tracking, resourcing and workflow management. It takes a lot of clever design decision-making to take something as intimidating as a database and add UI constraints so that it can be just picked up and used without training.

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Judge’s Q&A 2017: Alberta Soranzo

Judge: Alberta Soranzo
Role: End to End Service Design Director, Lloyds Banking Group

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
I’m addicted to CityMapper — the amount of information packed is astounding. Being able to sync up searches, trips and places between devices allows me to plan my trips without having to leave my computer (where I do most of my calendaring), and to find them on my mobile devices when I need them.

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Judge’s Q&A 2017: Paul Annett

Judge: Paul Annett
Role: Head of Digital Customer Experience, Saga

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
It’s an obvious and boring cliché, but I can’t dispute the usage data on my phone which shows Twitter as being the most-used app by a long way. It’s a good example of the UX being all about the content. Twitter’s made such a huge impact over the last decade, and I’m privileged to have helped shape that in a very small way while I was there. 

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Judge’s Q&A 2017: Lara Burns

Judge: Lara Burns
Role: Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Age UK

Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?
It sounds really boring – but I love Tesco’s mobile app. It does what it should do, in a really easy way. As a busy working mother, I get to do my weekly shop in 15 minutes on my way home from work. What’s not to love? 

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UXUK 2017: Launching soon!

We are currently finalising our preparation for the 2017 UXUK Awards. Exact dates will be announced shortly on this site, Twitter and Facebook.

At this stage we can tell you that entries will be opening early July and closing in early September. The ceremony will be held once again in central London in early November.

Thank you for the overwhelming enquiries for the 2017 UXUK Awards. We endeavour to make this year even bigger and better!

The UXUK Awards 2016 round up

Thank you, everyone, for making this year’s UXUK Awards the best ever. We are humbled by all the love coming through.

Well, 2016 has been another year of growth and expansion for UX. More UX related events and conferences, more UX jobs and courses and with the resurgence of virtual reality, more areas in need of design. Most of all, we’ve been more variety and quality of entries for 2016. Read More “The UXUK Awards 2016 round up”

Shortlist announced for 2016!!


It’s been a big year for entries at UXUK Awards. The judges have been busy going through over 120 entries and to come up with this year’s shortlist and it wasn’t easy with such compelling entries all round. We have been thoroughly impress with designers and organisations continuing to raise the bar to new levels, and above all design around the user!

Congratulations to the shortlisted entries! We look forward to celebrating on the official awards night Thursday 10th of November when the winners will be announced.

See the full list here.

Get more information about free tickets here.

Entries have officially closed

We have now officially closed entries for the 2016 UXUK Awards.

Thank you to overwhelming number of entries this year. We have been seeing many great names, sites, apps and more. Shortlisting will begin very soon, so stayed tuned on Twitter and this site for announcements.

If you’d like to attend the event, you can apply for tickets.

Read more about our judges here.

We’ve extended the deadline by 1 week

We have decided to extend the entry deadline by 1 week to 1600 hrs, Wednesday 21st September.

This is due to the overwhelming requests to allow more time. That’s fine. It’s summer and we’ve all been benefiting from a warm September. A deadline was the only natural option. But we can’t extend it any further. It’ll annoy the judges and everything else that works to the timeline of the awards.

If you have not yet entered, this is your chance. It takes minutes to enter and a lifetime to enjoy!


Judge’s Q&A: Anna Burrell

Judge: Anna Burrell
Role: UX & UI Design and Development at John Lewis

  1. Do you have a favourite app & website in terms of the design and user experience?

    BBC News app – I never read a newspaper, and I want quick snippets of up to date news at my fingertips.
    The BBC News app allows some personalisation, which suits my needs. It also provides me with an “at a glance” view of what’s happening now.
    It’s simple to navigate and not overly designed, and remains true to brand.

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19 days until entries close!

We have been overwhelmed with entries so far this year! Thank you for your great submissions and keep them coming! The Awards continue to grow exponentially each year showing just how important it is to put the user at the centre of your design.

With just 19 days remaining before last entries, now is the time to get your site/app/service in.

It takes minutes to enter. Everyone’s doing it! You could be invited to the ceremony in central London, meeting all of the biggest global brands. Probably even sitting next to them.

Previous winners and finalists include FutureLearn, Amnesty International, HSBC, NatWest, Talk Talk, The V&A Museum, Premier Inn, Royal Mail, easyJet, The BBC, iTV, Facebook, Barclaycard, Tesco, TFL, Oxfam and many more. See all the past winners and ceremonies here.