How to enter the UXUK Awards

The User Experience UK (UXUK) Awards have clout. They’re run and judged by the best, most authoritative voices in the business. Winning an award demonstrates to the world that your company is leading the way in providing the best possible experience for your customer or audience.

If you are announced as a winner, it means that your digital service has earned respect and recognition from the best in the business. On top of that, you will receive a physical award, a badge for your website… and, of course, the bragging possibilities are endless.

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When is the Awards ceremony?

The UXUK Awards will be taking place on Thursday 21st November, 2019.

How much does it cost to enter?

The price for 2019 submissions is:

  • £149 inc VAT for standard entry

Submission is FREE for charities and student projects.

What’s the deadline for entry?

The entries will close on September 27th, 2019.

What categories will the submissions be judged on?

There are 11 categories that you can enter:

  • Best User Experience
  • Best Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Internet of Things (IoT) Experience
  • Best Entertainment and Leisure Experience
  • Best Not-For-Profit
  • Best Public Sector
  • Best Transactional Experience
  • Best Information Experience
  • Best Effect On Business Goals
  • Best Innovation
  • Best Education or Learning Experience
  • Best Student Project

The awards are categorised by the judges as they may decide a submission can fit within more than one award category.

Who will be judging the awards?

We always invite leaders and experts in the UX industry to judge the submissions.

This year, our judges come from companies including:

  • Dyson
  • EE
  • Halfords
  • HSBC
  • Lego
  • News UK
  • Nike Digital
  • Shell
  • Shelter

More questions?

Your answers may be found in these helpful sections:

The Submission Process

Each submission requires 3 steps to be completed:

  1. Select your type of entry (General, Charity or Student)
  2. Enter the required details to begin your submission
    • Once your details are entered, we will email you a password and link to your submissions area
  3. Submit your entry (include any URLs, videos, slides, etc. that will help showcase the UX process you went through)

NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT: You will be able to pay for your submission once you are inside the submissions area. This can be done before or even after you have submitted your entry. Payment will need to be made before the awards entries close to be considered a valid entry.

What You Need to Prepare:

The submissions form has 3 questions that you must answer. These details will help the judges correctly assess your entry.

  1. What was the problem you were trying to solve? List your goals and challenges.
    (Limited to 2000 characters)
  2. Describe the user experience processes and methodologies used to overcome this problem. Do your best to include notable / innovative examples.
    (Limited to 2000 characters)
  3. Tell us why this project provides an excellent user experience. You can include testimonials and 3rd party references. List project metrics of the extent of user adoption and success, if applicable include sources and dates
    (limited to 2000 characters)

There will be an opportunity to include attachments. Before you start completing your entry form, consider creating a short submission document to support your entry. This is an optional extra, but could definitely be helpful for your entry.

Formats accepted are: PowerPoint / Keynote / PDF

Download example submission document
MS-Powerpoint (2.3MB)

This document contains all of the details we suggest for a submission to be accepted and considered.

Details You Need To Include:

  • Project description and purpose
  • Your business goals, challenges and how these were addressed (if relevant)
  • Target audience(s)
  • The submission (attach any relevant documents/videos/slides. We accept: Powerpoint, Word, PDF or Video (MP4, MOV, MPEG or AVI))
    Documents submitted should be no more than 10 pages/slides (Please include project images and screenshots where possible)


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