The Dark UX Award

We’re inviting you to nominate the most nefarious, overt use of dark UX patterns that you’ve come across over the past year.

This category isn’t about shoddy UX or not-terribly-exciting visual designs. This is about dark UX patterns being used to deliberately trick or mislead users into actions they might not have taken otherwise. It’s great UX, but for a terrible cause.

Our judges will then evaluate the best of the worst and select a ‘winner’ to be announced during the ceremony on Thursday 21 November 2019.

Submit your nomination below before end of day, Friday, 25th October 2019!

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2018 Dark UX Award
The winner of the 2018 Dark UX Award – as voted for by the audience – was… Amazon! Selected for using colour theory and micro-copy in their call to action buttons to confuse users.

Facebook Messenger (for attempting to access all of a user’s contacts) and Google (for location tracking) were our runners-up.



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