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The Entry Process

If you would like to submit more than one project for consideration at the UXUK Awards, select your quantity using the + button below. Alternatively, you can re-register again later and enter the other project(s) separately.

Please note, the first step of the process is selecting a payment method. You will be asked to provide details of your entry after this point.

The full steps of the process are as follows:

  1. Select the type of entry (Paid, Student or Charity) and number of entries (1 or more)
  2. Enter the required details (name, contact, organisation etc.)
  3. Pay with credit card or select ‘pay later’ (please note: if you choose to ‘pay later’ at this point your project will not be eligible for consideration until payment has been made in full)
  4. Receive your registration login and PIN by email
  5. Login to begin your submission process
  6. Aside from entering some general details, you will need to answer these mandatory questions / provide the following information:
    1. Link to your project live URL
    2. What were the business problems you were trying to solve? List your goals and challenges (limited to 2000 characters)
    3. Describe the user experience processes and methodologies you used to overcome the problem. Include notable/innovative examples where possible (limited to 2000 characters)
    4. Tell us why your project provides an excellent user experience. You can include testimonials and 3rd party references if available. Try to include project metrics regarding the extent of user adoption and success if these are available, and if applicable include sources and dates (limited to 2000 characters)
    5. Attach any relevant documents, including project screenshots
  7. When you are happy with everything, you can submit your project!

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