Judging Criteria Guide 2018

These judging criteria are to be used as a guide. It is at the judges’ discretion which entries will proceed to both the shortlist and final stage of the awards.

Core Criteria For All Submissions

All submissions must meet the following criteria to ensure that they adhere to a common, usable standard – no matter what category they are in.

Entries that fail to meet the majority of these criteria are unlikely to be shortlisted.

  • Accessible – (minimal) accessibility requirements have been addressed
  • Actionable – it should be clear how to achieve tasks/goals that the app/site/service is designed for; functionality should be clear (it is obvious what to press and what not to, etc.)
  • Consistent – consistency of information architecture (IA), visual and interaction design throughout the site/app/service
  • Content – good, engaging content, appropriate for the web/apps/service and its target audience
  • Cross-Platform – works well across multiple platforms (unless specifically designed not to be multi-platform); windows/mac, iOS/Android/WinMo, etc.
  • Evidence – there should be ample evidence of a good research process that has gone into the development of the product
  • Flow – does the user know where to start on the page? Is the path from start to finish clearly defined?
  • Functional – it works, ideally quickly (low loading times), no bugs, no dead links, HTML5 videos, not reliant on flash or third-party plugins, browser independent
  • Information Architecture – the app/site/service should have a clear navigation, understandable labelling, well-defined iconography, orientation within the app/service/site is clear, links and CTAs are obvious, well-labelled and consistently presented
  • Interface – the interface doesn’t get in the way of the content, unless the interface is deliberately designed to be engaging and something fun to interact with and, to some extent, is the content – e.g. a game, or even Bloom
  • Purpose – it should be clear what the app/site/service is supposed to let you achieve and/or what problem it is designed to solve
  • Visual  – the app/site/service should have an aesthetically pleasing visual design

Entries will be marked against each criterion on a scale of 0-4. The guidelines for these scores are as follows:

  • 0: No evidence of this criterion within the project
  • 1: Touches upon this criterion
  • 2: Meets this requirement in a basic/average way
  • 3: Meets this criterion well
  • 4: Demonstrates a good example of how to meet this requirement comprehensively

On top of these basic criteria are unique, additional guiding criteria for specific categories.

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